Omar Chelos


3D Environment / Prop Artist

Hello! My name is Omar Chelos.
I am a 3D Environment & Prop Artist with 4+ years of experience.
I am specialized in creating environments and props with a realistic style.
I am experienced in the creation of game-ready 3d assets, textures, trim sheets, modular kits, and environment set-up and set dressing in UE4 / Unity.

Key Skills:
• Focus on 3D Environment / Prop Art
• High poly to low poly modelling
• Designing modular kits
• Efficient UV mapping
• PBR texturing
• Ability to prepare game-ready assets
• Assets integration in UE4 / Unity
• Environment set-up and set dressing
• Preparing game assets from 3d scans
• Good communication skills
• Ability to work in team
• Efficient time and task management

Software Knowledge
- Autodesk Maya LT
- Foundry Modo
- Pixologic ZBrush
- RizomUV
- Photoshop
- Quixel Suite / Mixer
- Substance Painter
- xNormal
- Marmoset Toolbag
- Unity 3D
- Unreal Engine
- Jira


- Featured on Quixel Gallery
- Featured on 3D Artist Italia N.10
- Featured on 3D Artist Italia N.11


- Quixel / DDO Painter for Beginners: Creating a Stone Surface